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Dive into a world full of mystery and horror while being lost in a forest far away from home..


After the escape in The Hallway (https://suplexcreator.itch.io/the-hallway) you crash into the woods and end up trapped. you have to find a way out of the woods and you enter a small door that leads in a basement... after all your adventure you find a house to stay the night...

You hear sounds... you see things... there are traps...


Apple version is out!

The game has been in work for 6 months... alot of time and problems went with it.

100% of the money that this game gets will go in a better version of coppercube.

in case of bugs or problems please post them in the comments so they can get fixed <3

Thanks for all your support! Love

This game is for X64 Only!


W,A,S,D n Left Click

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorSuplex Games
GenrePuzzle, Adventure
Tags3D, Dark, Fantasy, Horror, paid, Psychological Horror, scary, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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ThePlayhousev2.zip 253 MB
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coppercube? wtf?

whats wrong?


good game Suplex

Thank you!

it might be just me, but why am i getting this when i unzip it? : (

I dont know. I really dont know anything about MacOs. It might be an engine problem while exporting the game in macos. Ill try finding a way to fix the problem.


thanks : ) let me know if you need my help in anything (testing etc.)



Thanks for posting! Thats not the real ending tho! Thats Just an alternative ending!!!


where is the 3rd gem to ignite the goddamn portal ?

Its not in the same room as the other gems. Its before this room. To be exact its after the red platform and after the rotating wall. In the right side. Where there are some pillars blocking the way. In case u still cant find it fell free to post about it

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This game fails because there is no checkpoint after you get down into the basement. so I have to basically restart almost the entire game again and again why not more checkpoints. which made it after a while not fun and I no longer wanted to play because I knew the further I got if i messed up I have to go all the to the beginning,

Thanks for playing. The game was indeed made like that. Theres a checkpoint in every stage. The basement is made to be Hard so the player consumes more time as the other stages arent Hard and have very little ways to die. 

So the besement part is the only part where the player has to be challenged. 

it is not a lot of fun while being hard and makes the effort not seem worth it. the setup of it almost seems to punish you for not knowing what comes next. So if you don't know that there going to be something ahead that is going to kill you you have to die once learn about it then try to avoid it in the next play threw that is a very awful way to set up your game and makes it pretty unplayable.

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Thanks for playing and posting! I would love to see full gameplay tho!!!

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nice puzzle game

Thanks for playing! haha loved the ragequit at the end! a little bit more progress in the game would be perfect but thanks!

(btw the way you passed the log was a bug...)


The game is pretty good,i can't pass through the ghost,but that's okay. The atmosphere is pretty good,i like the AI of that ghost or whatever she is,i liked the camera system,reminds of my game,9/10 for a horror game, -1 because the checkpoints...

Thanks for the comment :D


Ok so I would of give this game more of a chance but I really struggled with interacting with items like the card and the mini game and I kept glitching through things all the time.

So sorry for that! as i see you went our of borders and didnt really follow the game path. ill make an update right now fixing them. also i see that your crosshair is bugged. ill get that fixed right now too. 



Thanks I will give it another try

The bugs were fixed! Please give it another try!